How to Care for your Hardwood Floors

Armstrong Hardwood - Birch, Golden Blonde

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Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. Not only does hardwood look classy and sophisticated, it can also increase your home’s value! We know that hardwood floors are quite the investment, so here are some do’s, don’ts, and general maintenance tips to help you protect that investment and enjoy your floors for years to come.

Maintenance Schedule

Daily: Sweep or Dust Mop

Weekly: Vacuum, using the hardwood, bare floor, or soft bristle attachment (Don’t use vacuums with a beater bar or power rotary brush head)

Monthly: Clean with recommended wood flooring cleaner (We recommend and stock Mohawk Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner).


Sweep or vacuum weekly. Clean with a recommended hardwood floor cleaner at least once per month.
Keep your hardwood in pristine condition by taking care of it properly.
  • Wipe spills immediately with a slightly dampened white cloth.
  • Use ice in a sealed plastic bag to harden tough substances like wax or chewing gum, then gently scrape with a plastic scraper or credit card.
  • Use protective window coverings to block UV rays and excessive heat to help minimize aging. Exposed hardwood will gradually age. Periodically rearranging furniture and rugs will help the floors to age evenly.
  • Use Interior and Exterior doormats at entrances to collect dirt and moisture and prevent them from being tracked onto your floor.
  • Protect high traffic areas with runners and rugs (with slip-resistant backings). Particularly in hallways, pivot points, and in front of kitchen sinks.
  • Keep pet nails trimmed to prevent scratches.
  • Attach felt protectors to furniture legs. Change the felt often as dirt and debris can become imbedded and act like sand paper on the flooring surface.
  • Maintain your home’s relative humidity between 35% – 55% by using humidifiers and dehumidifiers as needed to minimize gaps and swelling in the wood.
  • Allow liquids to stand on your floor for any length of time, wipe up spills immediately.
  • Walk on your floor in cleats or high heels with an exposed heel nail.
  • Slide heavy furniture. Pick it up or use a dolly.
  • Use vinyl or tile cleaning products, oil soaps, liquid or paste wax, other household products containing lemon, citrus, tung oil, or silicon to clean wood floors.
  • Use harsh cleaning aids like steel wool pads, scouring pads containing metal, or scouring powders.
clean up liquid spills on your flooring promptly
Repairing Scratches, Removing Stains (from the National Wood Flooring Association)
Wax the affected area using a soft, clean cloth.
Repair with a touch-up kit for urethane finishes, available from any wood flooring retailer.
Dried milk or food stains
Gently rub with a damp cloth, then rub dry and wax.
Use a cleaner developed specifically for urethane finishes. For stubborn spots, scrub using a cleaner and a scrub pad made for urethane floors.
Water stains or white spots
Rub the spot with #000 steel wool and wax. If this fails, lightly sand with fine sandpaper and clean the area using #00 steel wool and mineral spirits, or a wood floor cleaner. Allow the floor to dry, then stain, wax, and hand buff.
Use a cleaner developed specifically for urethane finishes. For stubborn spots, scrub using a cleaner and a scrub pad made for urethane floors.
Heel scuffs
Rub in a small amount of wax with fine steel wool and hand buff to a shine.
Use a cleaner developed specifically for urethane finishes. For stubborn spots, scrub using a cleaner and a scrub pad made for urethane floors.
Mold or mildew
Rub with a wood cleaner using a soft, clean cloth.
Use a cleaner developed for urethane finishes. If the mold or mildew lies underneath the surface finish, sand and refinish the area.
Chewing gum, crayon, or candle wax
Apply a plastic bag filled with ice until the deposit is brittle enough to crumble off. (Solvent-based wax can also be applied to loosen the deposit.) Remove crayon or candle wax by placing an ink blotter on the wax and applying a hot pressing iron to the top of the blotter.
Apply a plastic bag filled with ice on top of the deposit until it is brittle enough to crumble off. Clean the area with a product made for urethane finishes.
Oil and grease stains
First rub area with kitchen soap having a high lye content or saturate cotton with hydrogen peroxide and place over the stain. Then saturate a second layer of cotton with ammonia and place over the first. Repeat until stain is removed. Let the area dry and then hand buff.
Use a cleaner developed specifically for urethane finishes. For stubborn spots, scrub using a cleaner and a scrub pad made for urethane floors.
Wax buildup
Strip the old wax away with odorless mineral spirits or a wood floor product made for stripping wax. Use cloth and fine steel wool to remove all residue. After the floor is dry, wax and buff.
Not applicable.
High heel shoe dents
Requires professional repair.
Requires professional repair.

A very important factor in caring for your hardwood floor is having a professional installation!

The following are a few pictures from our very talented installers.

Please forgive the blurriness, they’re amazing installers, not professional photographers!

Like something you’ve seen here? Give us a call at (209)577-5642, or stop by and see us and our extensive hardwood collection at 200 Kiernan Ave, Ste A, Modesto, CA 95356.

Laminate Accent Walls


It’s a great day here at Ray’s Flooring Studio!

Today we’re going to talk about a fast growing trend in the world of home décor: Laminate Accent Walls.
Accent walls are a great way to add a pop of color, break up large rooms, or create focal points to showcase artwork or an architectural element.

One of the brands we feature in our showroom is Armstrong Flooring. Armstrong has three gorgeous laminate collections in a multitude of styles and colors to compliment any décor from rustic, to casual, to contemporary.

Armstrong Architectural Remnants; Style: To the Sea;
Architectural Remnants:
*Inspired by the latest fashion trends.
*Upcycled and repurposed wood elements.
*Blending of old and new.
*Patchword and mismatched designs with a sophisticated, modern twist.
*Materials that evoke nostalgia.
Armstrong Coastal Living Patina; Style: Seaside Pine;
Rustics Premium:
*Inspired by current hardwood trends.
*Realistic surface textures.
*Wire-brushed and scraped looks.
*Popular species: hickory, white oak, and walnut.
*Top-selling hardwood colors.
Armstrong Rustics Premium; Style: Woodland Reclaim;
Coastal Living Patina:
*Inspired by weathered and distressed natural surfaces.
*Weathered/Beach Wood – Hand scraped, reminiscent of driftwood.
*Sea Wall/Tidal Wall – Steel-colored patina.
*Ore/Rusty Iron – Copper-hued patina.
Armstrong Laminates can be installed in any room, including high moisture areas. Armstrong’s “Lock & Fold” method is easy to install and can be placed over existing drywall or paneling. If you’re interested in DIY, take a look at Armstrong’s installation video to see if you’re up to the task!

Not interested in DIY? No problem! Ray’s Flooring Studio, is a full service flooring retailer! Our skilled, experienced installers will have your laminate accent wall completed in no time, leaving you with a beautiful accent in your home, and peace-of-mind knowing your installation was done by a licensed professional.

laminate accent wall
Laminate accent walls not only look great in a residential setting, it may be just the right touch to spice up your business space as well! Take a look at the wall we had installed in our showroom earlier this year.
Ray's Flooring Studio reception wall (before).
Laminate accent wall installation.
Completed Laminate Accent Wall installation.
Interested in adding a laminate accent wall to your home or business? Give us a call at (209) 577-5642 or stop by and see us in person at 200 Kiernan Ave., Ste. A, Modesto.

How to NOT Void your Carpet Warranty

Your carpet warranty protects your investment.
It’s a great day here at Ray’s Flooring Studio!

Today we’re giving away a priceless bit of information: How to NOT void your carpet warranty.

Warranties are included with nearly all large ticket purchases nowadays, and most consumers are at least vaguely aware when their purchase has one. But how many of those same consumers actually read the warranty booklet? There are many ways you can void your carpet warranty, and today you’ll learn how many of them are easily avoided.

Every manufacturer’s warranty is slightly different, so today we’ll focus on the two largest brands we carry here at Ray’s Flooring Studio: Mohawk and Shaw. All this information can also be found in the warranty booklets located on our displays here in the store. Didn’t get a booklet? Let us know and we’ll get one to you! Or, you can view/print them here:

Mohawk's warranty booklet is full of useful information.
Shaw's warranty booklet is full of useful information, too!

There are many different types of carpet warranties:

Pet Urine
Abrasive Wear
Quality Assurance
Fade Resistance

This is not a full list and all of these warranties do have exclusions, consult your warranty booklet for the coverage and exclusions specific to your carpet.

Items needed to file a warranty claim:

The very first thing you’ll need in order to keep your warranty valid is proof that you actually purchased the carpet. So simple, right? You will need an original copy of your invoice/receipt and a 2’ x 3’ piece of carpet leftover from the installation. The invoice can be obtained from us here at the store, and you can ask the installer(s) to cut off a piece of carpet from whatever is left after the installation. Keep these, and your warranty booklet, in a safe place. Don’t forget where you filed these items! Later, you will need to add receipts showing you had your carpet regularly cleaned by a professional.

Beautiful samples of some of Mohawk's Smartstrand styles and colors.
Adequate vacuuming is important to extend the life of your carpet. Especially when you have pets and kids!

Vacuuming is incredibly important!

How do you keep your carpet clean of normal, everyday dirt? Start by using walk-off mats at entrances to help keep dirt and moisture from being tracked onto the carpet. Clean the mats frequently and try to keep your sidewalks and outside entryways free of excessive dirt. The best way to reduce dirt and soil accumulation and prolong the life and beauty of your carpet is to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! How often should you be vacuuming? That depends on your household. The more foot traffic, the more often you should vacuum. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum once per week for each member of your household, plus additional vacuuming to compensate for shedding pets.

Speaking of vacuuming, did you know certain vacuums are recommended based on the carpet fiber type? Look for an upcoming post all about vacuums!
vacuum cleaner
Professional cleanings are a MUST!

After 12-18 months, you’ve (hopefully) been vacuuming regularly and your carpet still looks good, though maybe not as pristine as it once did. Now it’s time to call in a professional to give your carpet a good deep cleaning.

Professional, hot water extraction cleanings are a necessary to keep your carpet looking and feeling beautiful year after year.
To some, this may seem like a needless expense. Professional carpet cleaners can be costly. But the alternative is to DIY with a steam cleaner and run the risk of voiding that warranty. Both Mohawk and Shaw recommend professional hot water extraction cleanings every 12-18 and REQUIRE them at least every 24 months.
Be sure to add your cleaning receipts to the file with your installation invoice and carpet piece! If you ever do need to use your warranty, you will be required to submit the receipts as proof of regular, professional cleanings.

Clean Spills and Stains Right Away!

With any type of spill, treatment of the affected area should begin immediately upon discovery as stain removal becomes more difficult with time. You may be tempted to use the bargain carpet stain remover you picked up at a local store. DON’T.  Please, please, I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT use any over the counter products on your carpet. The fastest way to void your warranty is to spray an unapproved cleaner onto your carpet. Any cleaner used on your carpet MUST be approved under the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Seal of Approval certification. Ray’s Flooring Studio carries and recommends using Nylac Carpet Cleaner.

Most carpets are "stain resistant" but none are "stain proof". Make sure to use only CRI approved cleaners on any spills!

Interested in how to remove a particular type of stain? Look for an upcoming blog post!

Navigating the frustrating world of warranties can be a pain. If you have any questions regarding your warranty, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (209) 577-5642 or stop by and see us in person at 200 Kiernan Ave, Ste A, Modesto!

  • Keep your original invoice/receipt, plus a 2’ x 3’ piece of carpet from the installation.
  • Vacuum your carpet regularly and thoroughly.
  • Have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12-18 months using hot water extraction (keep the receipts).
  • Clean stains immediately and only use products approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute (we recommend and carry Nylac Carpet Cleaner).

Call us at (209) 577-5642 with any questions!

Artificial Turf: Bocce Ball Court

Artificial Turf: Bocce Ball Court

Bocci court prior to artificial turf installation.It’s a great day at Ray’s Flooring Studio!
We recently had the opportunity to install something a little out of the ordinary! One of our customers envisioned putting a Bocce Ball court in their yard. If you’ve ever played Bocce you know that one of the most important aspects of the court is keeping it smooth so your perfect pitch doesn’t end up going askew. Using dirt was out of the question (the errant rock being the bane of the Bocce player’s existence). Filling the court with sand could have potential, but a little wind and rain and that perfectly smooth Bocce court turns into a big mess. So, what about a nice, manicured lawn? Well, here in the Central Valley, where we deal with perpetual drought conditions, we are always doing our best to conserve water!  So, what is the solution? Artificial Turf, of course!


Finding the right materials turned out to be a bit of a challenge, but Dave (one of our amazing owners) was up to the job! After some extensive research he found the perfect product: ClubLine Flooring Systems, Artificial Turf by CRG. According to CRG’s website “ClubLine Artificial Turf product line is tested in the toughest condition and is ideal for functional training solutions and pro sports for both indoor and outdoor usage”. For this installation we used MULTI-USE 1; “…an all around great product for almost any application that requires a short non-filled pile. Perfect for use in Baseball, Bocce, Golf and other similar applications. It can be used for both indoors and outdoors.” How about that? Bocce is even in their description of the product! ClubLine’s turf, applied with an outdoor approved, waterproof adhesive was just the combination needed to bring our customer’s vision to fruition.

The installation itself took just a few hours, but what remains is a beautiful Bocce Ball Court, ready for its owners to play many a friendly game for years to come!

Installing waterproof adhesive.
Here our installer applies waterproof adhesive.
halfway complete
Halfway done, one side to go!
completed outdoor bocci court
Our customers invited our installers to a quick game after all their hard work.

If your are interested in artificial turf - call usInterested in having artificial turf installed at your home or business? Give us a call at 209-577-5642 or stop by our showroom at 200 Kiernan Ave, Ste A., Modesto, and we’ll be happy to help you!