Artificial Turf: Bocce Ball Court

Bocci court prior to artificial turf installation.It’s a great day at Ray’s Flooring Studio!
We recently had the opportunity to install something a little out of the ordinary! One of our customers envisioned putting a Bocce Ball court in their yard. If you’ve ever played Bocce you know that one of the most important aspects of the court is keeping it smooth so your perfect pitch doesn’t end up going askew. Using dirt was out of the question (the errant rock being the bane of the Bocce player’s existence). Filling the court with sand could have potential, but a little wind and rain and that perfectly smooth Bocce court turns into a big mess. So, what about a nice, manicured lawn? Well, here in the Central Valley, where we deal with perpetual drought conditions, we are always doing our best to conserve water!  So, what is the solution? Artificial Turf, of course!


Finding the right materials turned out to be a bit of a challenge, but Dave (one of our amazing owners) was up to the job! After some extensive research he found the perfect product: ClubLine Flooring Systems, Artificial Turf by CRG. According to CRG’s website “ClubLine Artificial Turf product line is tested in the toughest condition and is ideal for functional training solutions and pro sports for both indoor and outdoor usage”. For this installation we used MULTI-USE 1; “…an all around great product for almost any application that requires a short non-filled pile. Perfect for use in Baseball, Bocce, Golf and other similar applications. It can be used for both indoors and outdoors.” How about that? Bocce is even in their description of the product! ClubLine’s turf, applied with an outdoor approved, waterproof adhesive was just the combination needed to bring our customer’s vision to fruition.

The installation itself took just a few hours, but what remains is a beautiful Bocce Ball Court, ready for its owners to play many a friendly game for years to come!

Installing waterproof adhesive.
Here our installer applies waterproof adhesive.
halfway complete
Halfway done, one side to go!
completed outdoor bocci court
Our customers invited our installers to a quick game after all their hard work.

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