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Hardwood Flooring

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Advice You Need, For The Flooring You Want

When it comes to natural beauty and richness, it is hard to beat the look and warmth of real hardwood flooring. Like most floor covering products, hardwood has changed dramatically over the last few years. Never out of fashion, hardwood flooring can add real value to the home. With proper maintenance, these floors can last a lifetime! This can make the price over the life of the product very economical.

Ray’s Flooring Studio is proud to have partnered with several of the industry’s best suppliers of quality hardwood flooring. In our showroom, we have a wide selection of hardwood flooring to chose from including 3/4" solid oak, maple, cherry as well as exotic hardwood species such as Tiger wood, bamboo, and Brazilian cherry wood. Our promise to you is that your wood flooring will be installed properly by our certified installers, quickly and professionally on your installation day.

When you come in to Ray’s Flooring Studio, we will save you time and frustration by asking you the right questions. When we know where in your home you plan to put a hardwood floor, and how the room is used, we can show you just the wood flooring products that will best suit your needs. We can explain why some will work better for you than others, and take the confusion out of selecting your new hardwood flooring.

There are generally four types of hardwood flooring to chose from, and we have a large sampling of each one. They include: 3/4" Solid Hardwood Flooring (Unfinished or Pre-finished), Engineered Wood Flooring (Unfinished or Pre-finished), Longstrip Wood Planks (Pre-finished) or Parquet Tiles.

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Types of Hardwood Flooring

With a little basic understanding about the different types of wood floors you can be better prepared and more confident in your selection. Wood floors are produced in both solid and engineered planks and strips and come in a wide variety of wood species. To help determine which type of floor will work best for your situation depends upon the location within your home and the type of subfloor.

Solid Wood Floors

solid wood plank flooring

Solid wood floors are one solid piece of wood and are generally 3/4" thick. Mohawk Solid Hardwood Floors are produced from the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods including red & white oak, American cherry, hickory, maple, and Brazilian cherry, and are available in several widths. Because solid hardwood floors are more susceptible to humidity and temperature changes than engineered wood floors they should only be installed above grade over approved wooden subfloors and must be nailed or stapled down. Solid wood floors can generally be recoated and refinished several times.

Engineered Wood Floors

engineered wood plank

These floors are produced by laminating several hardwood plies together to form the planks. Most engineered floors can be glued-down, stapled-down or floated over a variety of subfloors including wood, dry concrete slabs and some types of existing flooring. Engineered hardwood floors have cross-ply construction which reduces the expansion & contraction of the planks, caused by variations in humidity. This allows these floors to be installed on any level in the home. Available in plank and longstrip format, Mohawk Engineered Hardwood Floors come in a wide variety of widths, thicknesses and colors in both North American and Exotic hardwoods.

Exotic Wood Floors

solid wood plank flooring

Hardwood flooring is also available in a variety of exotic wood species. We carry some of the finest exotic hardwoods from all over the world. These floors offer many unique and visually striking appearances that are distinctly different from the North American hardwoods. Some of these exotic species, like Jatoba, are photosensitive and tend to change color over time, when exposed to ultraviolet light. Ask our flooring experts about the level of photosensitivity of the flooring you are considering.

Prefinished Versus Unfinished Flooring

engineered wood plank

Unfinished floors require several days to install, stain and finish the flooring. Prefinished floors are less messy and can be installed and completed the same day. A factory-applied finish like Mohawk’s exclusive Armormax™ combined with Scotchgard™ Protector Advanced Repel Technology repels stains, resists wear and makes cleaning easy. This could not be duplicated with a job-site finish.

Where is the Room?

grade levels for flooring installation

Knowing where the floor will be installed is essential. Before choosing a floor, determine if the room is above, on or below ground level (grade). Mohawk Engineered Hardwood Floors can be used in most areas in the home including rooms below, on or above ground level. Solid wood floors are approved for above ground-level installations only. These floors perform better in humidity-controlled environments.

Is your sub floor concrete or a type of wood substrate? Engineered floors are ideal for concrete slabs. For remodel projects you may want to consider Mohawk Engineered Hardwood floors that can be floated directly over the existing floor which eliminates the mess and additional costs of tearing out the old floor.

Hardwood Trim And Molding

quarter round molding

Quarter Round Molding

Used as a trim piece along vertical walls and the floor.

flush mount universal molding

Flush Mount Universal Edge Molding

Used to join wood flooring with carpeted areas.

flush mount reducer molding

Flush Mount Reducer Molding

Provides a smooth transition between floors of different heights and materials.

flush mount reducer molding

Flush Mount Stair Nose Molding

Placed on stairs and landings to cover exposed edges of wood flooring.

flush mount reducer molding


Joins two areas of wood flooring of the same height, usually in doorways or thresholds.

baby threshold molding

Baby Threshold Molding

For Engineered Hardwood Floors only. Used to join wood flooring with carpeted areas.

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