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Karastan Carpets

Karastan Customer Favorites

Ray’s Flooring Studio is a Karastan Ambassador Store! Below you’ll find our customers’ favorite styles and colors of Karastan Carpets. More choices can be seen in our showroom, or on the Karastan website. Our showroom is open six days per week for your convenience. Click on an image to see a larger, more detailed view.

Karastan Carpet amounts to more than just color. Karastan manufactures some of the most beautiful, unique carpet styles that you will find anywhere; from woven broadloom to cabled yarn systems, to designer area rugs. Karastan creates products that differentiate its carpet styles from all other carpet manufacturer styles. When you walk into a room with Karastan Carpet, you immediately “feel” the difference in the ambiance of the room. Others have tried to duplicate this psychological impact, but nothing comes close to "KARASTAN".

Karastan Carpets are only sold by the best carpet retailers! Karastan is very selective in who they choose as distributors, and this adds to the allure of the Karastan carpet line. When you walk into a Karastan carpet showroom, you will also “feel” the difference. Karastan showrooms exhibit “taste” and distinction, and the psychological impact that transfers to your home is worth any extra cost. Karastan’s styling, color choices, and quality have made it one of the most recognized carpet brands in the world. With price points ranging from moderate to lavish, the ability to bring that luxury home with you is within your reach.

Karastan Exquisite Affair Carpet Style

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Bramasole Color


Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Cafe Noir Color

Cafe Noir

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Carob Brown Color

Carob Brown

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Cascade Color


Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Cloud Cream Color

Cloud Cream

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Excalibur Color


Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Greenwich Gate Color

Greenwich Gate

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Hamptons Color


Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Manhattan Color


Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Mojave Sunset Color

Mojave Sunset

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Montebello Color


Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Morning Beige Color

Morning Beige

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Newport Sand Color

Newport Sand

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Pinstripe Color


Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Renoir Bisque Color

Renoir Bisque

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Sapphire Sky Color

Sapphire Sky

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Shimmer Ash Color

Shimmer Ash

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Silk Ribbon Color

Silk Ribbon

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Smokey Taupe Color

Smokey Taupe

Karastan Exquisite Affair Style - Starlet Color


Karastan Modern Tradition Carpet Style

Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Beige Twill Color

Beige Twill

Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Charcolette Color


Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Cork Color


Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Daydream Color


Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Evening Sky Color

Evening Sky

Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Faded Denim Color

Faded Denim

Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Grey Flannel Color

Grey Flannel

Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Maple Tint Color

Maple Tint

Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Metallics Color


Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Natural Grain Color

Natural Grain

Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Parchment Color


Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Pebble Path Color

Pebble Path

Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Pinstripe Color


Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Raindrop Color


Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Softened Ash Color

Softened Ash

Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Steambath Color


Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Thistle Color


Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Weathered Slate Color

Weathered Slate

Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Woodcarving Color


Karastan Modern Tradition Style - Room Scene

Modern Tradition Room

Karastan Wool Crochet Carpet Style

Karastan Wool Crochet Carpet Style - Au Lait Color

Au Lait

Karastan Wool Crochet Carpet Style - Cedar Shake Color

Cedar Shake

Karastan Wool Crochet Carpet Style - French Beige Color

French Beige

Karastan Wool Crochet Carpet Style - Gingersnap Color


Karastan Wool Crochet Carpet Style - Mint Leaf Color

Mint Leaf

Karastan Wool Crochet Carpet Style - New Khaki Color

New Khaki

Karastan Wool Crochet Carpet Style - Parchment Color


Karastan Wool Crochet Carpet Style - Soft Ash Color

Soft Ash

Karastan Wool Crochet Carpet Style - Spanish Moss Color

Spanish Moss

Karastan Wool Crochet Carpet Style - Spring Meadow Color

Spring Meadow

Karastan Wool Crochet Carpet Style - Room Scene

Wool Crochet Room

Karastan Woolspun Carpet Style

Karastan Woolspun Carpet Style - Ashland Slate Color

Ashland Slate

Karastan Woolspun Carpet Style - Barley Harvest Color

Barley Harvest

Karastan Woolspun Carpet Style - Charmeuse Color


Karastan Woolspun Carpet Style - Cocoa Color


Karastan Woolspun Carpet Style - Gardenia Color


Karastan Woolspun Carpet Style - Metro Gray Color

Metro Gray

Karastan Woolspun Carpet Style - Millstone Color


Karastan Woolspun Carpet Style - Muslin Color


Karastan Woolspun Carpet Style - Silver Sage Color

Silver Sage

Karastan Woolspun Carpet Style - Toasted Almond Color

Toasted Almond

Karastan Woolspun Carpet Style - Room Scene

Woolspun Room

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